the widow + an ice-cream cone

This Journey is wild man. I love NewYork. Im currently preparing to launch my new line of products , well actually its just one product. But I'm preparing to launch it and like i said recently, Ive finally shifted. My head is crazy clear, and the vision is plain and simple.

The Widow: This past week I was kinda going thru because I'm juggling a couple nickels with billion dollar dreams. But the ONE thing that keep me afloat is "He will never leave me nor forsake me" .. He being God of course. I was holding onto those words for dear life. Because everything in the natural was looking like the exact opposite. For the longest time my Pastor (Pastor Wilks) would teach on the prophet Elijah. Maaannn i LOVE THAT STORY! It took me a long time to grasp it, but I finally got it. Eli was told to go to a widow for her to sustain him (food and whatnot) -- meanwhile the widow and her son were about to die of starvation. But she obeyed (God had been talking to her to about someone coming and what she needed to do) , anyway, she trusted the word she got from God, took care of Eli and she never went without again. I just told that story mad quick minus details + hella slang + my own interpretation but the gold in is it that God never left her nor forsoke her (or Eli.) From that day forward, every time she scooped to grab some meal to make some food for her and her son, there was enough. I like to believe sometimes there was more than enough. but the point is, there was enough.
Thats me. Im that widow, every time i need something, anything, theres enough! 
I woke up this morning and checked my account and was like damn, juggling my last $150 and some change, thinking "ok God, what we gone do because i just can't see it!"
But thats one of the amazing things about God, He's not moved by "what it look like" 
haha mannnn this life of mine *insert laughing emoji here* 

An Ice-cream cone: When i was 8 years old my mom took herself and I to VineLife Christian Fellowship in Riverside California. We joined the church that same day. I can't remember the entire message, because 1 - i was only 8 and 2- i was probably daydreaming most of the service. But what i do remember, and what for the rest of my life i pray stays with me is what my Pastor said. man oh man. We were talking about finances, and he was saying its amazing to have an abundance, and thats totally the will of God our lives. To live well and be a blessing to everyone we encounter. But he also said, when/if a day comes that we may only have $2 to our name. Don't get all worked up over it. Don't cry and be depressed. Because none of that is going to change the FACT that all you have is $2. lol Instead, praise God for the $2 , take one of them, put it in your pocket, take the other and buy a ice-cream cone , go to the park and enjoy it. Thank God for the means to buy that ice-cream, thank God for the transportation to get to that park and freedom to just be there. Thank God for having a body free of terminal illnesses, or thank Him for the healing process. Thank him for .. Get it?
Our mind state 100000% affects + effects our present state. 

So this morning when i woke up and checked my account and saw that i only had $150 and some change to work with in everything that I'm trying to do in this life, my first thought was "Wow I'm failing" quickly followed by "but has God ever left you without?" followed by "let me put one of these dollars in my pocket and take the other to go get me an ice-cream cone" ..

No soon as i decided that, my sis Tie texted me saying she had been really blessed this past week and wanted to be a blessing to me! *insert one tear crying emoji here* .. followed by a huge direct deposit.

I know God has the dopest life laid out for me, but sometimes i think, maybe my whole purpose is really to see how much I'll trust Him..