#Potential + A Seed

 Photography by Joshua Peters.

Photography by Joshua Peters.

Its 11:19 and I'm on the couch, Indie Film on Netflix is watching me as I type away. I just needed some white noise. Ive been reading this book. Wait let me turn the TV off..
.. k Im back. Anyway, Ive been reading this book titled, "Living With Purpose" by Myles Munroe. Its soooooo good. Ive been going through the most radical highs and lows lately. So radically that I refuse to talk about it because of fear of how crazy i sound. Its like no matter how many "embrace your humanness conversations" I have with others, when it comes time for me to be human, i feel like i can't. because who wants to come off as depressing. but therein lies another problem, why black folk always afraid of the realities of depression? anyway, Ive been reading Dr Myles Munroes book and let me tell yall. I really feel like my mind has been renewed. He talks so much about walking in our FULL potential. So many pages had me salty cause he was talking right to me. Reality is, I am scared.
Too afraid to go all out in promoting my classes because "what if only a few people come" - so i halfass the promo and "be happy" with the result.
I know me better than i know myself (?) Anyway, Ive had the book about a week and Im almost finished with it. One thing that he says a few times, that i wrote down, a few times, is ..

Potential - All you can do, but have yet done. & All you can be, but have not yet become.
— Dr. Myles Monroe

I never thought of the word potential being so packed with power until reading that. He also speaks on how we all have seeds. Im not the best reiterator or story teller so bare with me. did i use the right bear? bare? .. i think its bear. Bear with me. I personally have been SOOOO worried/caught up/fixed on why i only have one seed and it seems like everyone around me has a whole bag full that Ive had my seed in my hand this whole time. Complaining. Never planting it. So worried about everyone else that i failed to realize that in every seed in a tree, and in a tree is fruit, and in fruit are many seeds, SO, in reality, in one seed are a billion seeds. But i have to be willing and ready to plant my ONE seed. watch over that bad boy, tend to it, water it, makes sure that soil is right, and watch my seed turn into a forrest producing a gazillion more seeds. Dope right! I hope that blessed y'all like it did me. But i suggest you read it for yourself. Cop that book. Im finna go lay down now. Thanks for reading.

I'll holla