I was 11 and my Mom has just got a place after we couch surfed for a looong while. I was so happy because it meant we were back in a place of stability. that night she ran the hot comb through my edges and gave me a cute design of cornrows on the top half of my hair before tying it down. the next day I had a gymnastics competition & my mom always said without actually saying, "you gotta look good even if you ain't good."

I fell asleep right on the floor and not to long after my mom came and laid next to me. I woke up because I got a little cold so she pulled her robe over the both of us, and hugged me. I was so annoyed that she gave my brothers the only blanket and annoyed that we had zero furniture. but then she hugged me and everything was right in that moment. on the floor, under the robe, with my mama. I fell back asleep.

The next morning I walked in the bathroom to get ready and my competition leotard was hanging up just like this on the shower rod. cleaned + dry. I forgot to wash it. But she didn't. I was 11 years old and my Mom taught me (us) that we could do anything we desired no matter our outside circumstances. that even if you slept on the floor the night before, you show up the next day. and that if she has nothing, she'll share that with us too.

A forgotten memory that came to me after I finished washing these. thank you Mom, for your guidance