these are my FAVORITEEE EVVERRR .. actually .. Im gonna have somemore cooking while i write this out lol .. brb ..

ok Im back. they'll take about 30min to bake which is all the time i need to write this out for you. SO below you'll see photos from start to finish! I first had these CaliPoppers at VeggieGrill back when i lived in Cali. (If you live by one please go check it out. its suuuuch good food!)

NOW, Im still working on falling in love with cooking. Therefore Im still in the 'as few ingredients as possible' stage lol but hey .. maybe I'll always be here ! Anyway, all ingredients are from Trader Joe's:
- All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
- Bread Crumbs
- Almond Milk
- Seasonings of your choice
- Cauliflower Florets
- Sweet Chili Sauce
- Any cooking oil of your choice (i use grapeseed oil)

1. Preheat your oven to 450
2. Take your Caulifloretes and chop them into 'chicken wing' sized pieces.
NOTE: Cauliflower CANNOT NOT BE WET! make sure your florets don't have any extra water in or on them)
3. take that flour + almond milk to make your batter!
NOTE: if you want lots of breading, make your batter nice and thick. but if you don't want the extra breading, then make your batters consistency more on the 'watery' side.
4. Season the batter to make clean up 100x easier.

5. After you've dipped each floret in batter, followed by coating them in breadcrumbs, gently oil the bottom of your pan or dish and place each floret inside.
6. Your oven should be nice and hot by now! slide your dish into the oven and let them bake!
7. I recommend checking in on them around the 17min mark , but they should be finished in no more than 23min.

Remove from the oven and enjoy! You'll want to eat these while they're nice and hot! Don't forget to dip them in your sweet chili sauce.


Also : here are three of my favs on Instagram to follow for good REAL healthy FOOD inspo! 
and don't forget , google is always your best friend.

Images by @5thmindyoga