my go-to lunch / dinner : VEGGIE FRY

Trader Joe's is my best friend so all of this came from there.
- string beans
- yellow, red, green bell peppers
- red onion
- cauliflower rice (CR)
- teriyaki sauce/marinade (or any sauce/marinate of your choice)


this MIB (meal in a bowl) takes all of 15minutes to create !

When i used to eat chicken like it was going out of style (lol) i LOOOOVVEEDD chicken teriyaki bowls. i abandoned the love of white rice in 2016 (thankfully) but i missed my fav bowls sooo much! My girl Kayla introduced me to 'cauliflower rice' and i was REALLY skeptical at first, but i decided to try. yall - i ain't looked back.  IT IS SOOOO BOMB!!!!

In a skillet : on med/low heat, throw what ever veggies you want in! sometimes i mix it up and add in carrots and small potato chunks, but i always use my bell peppers - they're my favorite! once the peppers are good and hot, add in that sauce! (be sure not to add too much -  you can always add more after so don't rush it)

In a pot : on low heat, drop in 1 to 2 cups of CR with a little grape seed oil (or oil of your choice) with a little seasoning and let it heat. The CR doesnt need to 'cook' - all you're doing is warming it up! so there's no excact cook time. Just warm it until hot.

If you try this recipe, i really hope you enjoy it ! 
xo, Racheal

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