— Nayobi Perdomo, Brooklyn NY

As a yoga teacher myself, it is sometimes challenging to push myself past my comfort zone. Since working with Racheal, I’ve pushed my limits of strength and flexibility. She is patient and was able to understand my body and its capability. She is truly amazing!
— Nayobi Perdomo, Brooklyn NY.

— Jordan Brown, Atlanta GA.

So I have taken yogaracheals class a few different times and each time I can say I felt comfortable. I'm a plus size black women needless to say there's not a lot of representation and a lot of other teachers don't offer modifications that still allow me to participate without crawling back into child's pose every other second. Im not someone who practices regularly but every time I have the opportunity to take her class I do and I see that I'm a lot stronger each time. There is such a sense of community in her classes, and I have met some of the most timeless beautiful diverse black women that love yoga. I tell everyone I know when she's in town to come take her classes with me, not only are they affordable but they really help u release any feelings of negativity you may have about yourself. Whenever I come in I'm assured that I can do it, so take her class and do not fear being to big or giggly lol you can do it just like me.
— Jordan Brown, Atlanta GA.

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