Student Spotlight


" I consider myself an athlete; I run approximately 10+ miles a week, lift four days-a-week, boxing condition twice-a-week, and some slight yoga every morning for flexibility. I always had aspiration of preforming the ultimate “strength” movement, the handstand.  I trained my core harder, starting performing more inversion yoga movements, and faithfully watched Racheal’s and others yoga professional’s handstand techniques. Attempt-after-attempt I was always close to performing a handstand, but never achieved it.  I was frustrated because by all means I should be able to perform this movement. Racheal’s Handstand 101 was everything I needed. She highlighted the simple details I miss on my own; fingers spread, shoulder extended, warm-up your wrist, focus on your thumbs, and much more. The progression of the class was great; with all the laughs, fun, and Q&A breaks nothing felt rushed. From one movement to another each on meshed, building up to the Handstand. The others participants help make the class a sanctuary for learning; I could feel the supportive vibes and ambition energy from wall to wall; which I find extremely important. Overall; the class was extremely informative, but not complex beyond comprehension. Not only did Racheal’s skills and instruction enable me to preforming a handstand, but also the entire ambiance that was felt throughout the class. "


To see more of Doryus "DJ" Jones and his amazingness,
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